These are the Most Frequently Asked Questions So Far, feel free to review them, we constantly add more. Feel free to send us your questions by using the contact form.

Questions From The General Public

Q. What is The Eyebuy.online Platform?

A. Eyebuy.online is an ecommerce store directory that provides the service of ecommerce store listing for a low yearly one time payment fee. The platform is promoted with paid ads  by using at least 50% of earnings.

The more stores get listed, the more promotion is done. The more promotion, more sales our clients get. 

Q. Do I Have To Register If I Just Want To Buy Something From A Store?

A. No, general public Do Not Have To Register to use the platform and find the best online store. The registration is only for store's owners.

Q. Do I Have To Register To Leave Reviews For Stores?

A. Yes, only registered users can leave reviews for stores. you can register your account for free.

Q. What Is The Coupon Page For?

A. Most of our listed stores provide discount coupons, on this page you will find tons of them. We encourage people to visit this page often.

Q. What Are Reviews For?

A. Reviews are what visitors think about a store, they can be negative or positive reviews. Reviews provides the best point of reference for people to consider to buy something from a store.

We encourage store owners to continually check the reviews their store gets as a way to use that feedback from people to improve their stores. 

Questions From Store Owners

Q. Do I Have To Register to List My Store?

A. YES, as a store's owner you need to register to list your store. You will need to pay the one time low yearly fee to get your store listed. You can take advatnage of our low pricing costs.

Q. What Are The Options To List My Store?

A. There are two options:

General  and Featured listing. See pricing and features HERE 

Q. What Are The Steps To List My Store?

A. To list your ecommerce business with us is pretty easy, please follow the following steps:

1.  Register your free account

2. Click on Submit button

3. We are receiving tens of listing daily and is possible some cities are not listed yet on the drop down menu, so before you fill any field, if you are going to use a physical business address, click on City field first and verify that your city is listed, if not, please go to Contact and send us a brief message asking to add your city, state and country. We will add it in less than  24 hours.

4. Proceed to the Submit form again and fill all the fields up.

5. Click submit, your listing will be active immediately after you  make your payment through paypal.

6. Now you can enter your business service hours (if any) and upload upto 5  JPG images more.

7. Ready, Your listing will be active during 365 days counting since the day of listing. 

Q. What Happen if My City is Not Lsted Yet to be Selected on The Dropdown Menu?

A. This usually may happen. but there is nothing to worry about. Just send us a message using the contact form and we will add it to the list in less than 24 hrs, please mention, city, state and country.

Q. Does My Store Needs a Physical Address To Get Listed?

A. No, in the case you have no a physical address or city for your store because it is a virtual store only, you can select Virtual Store both for Address and city fields.

Q. Does My Store Needs a Phone Number or Email to Get lLsted?

A. No, you can leave those fields empty. We encourage our clients to to get an email address and a phone number to make their store looks more professional and provide a better customer support and experience like any big store.

Q. What is The Difference Between General Listing and Featured Listing?

A. With the general listing your store is listed and grouped with the general listing stores. With the featured listing, you store will be listed on the sfeatured section on the right hand side of almost all the pages when someone search for keyword related to your store, there fore your store will get more exposure.  Disclaimer, this only provides more exposure, but there's no any guarantee to get more sales.

Q. What is The Duration of My Store Listing?

A. Your ecom store will be listed for 365 days after payment. At the end of the 365 days you will have the option to renew your listing or cancel it.  There is no obligation to continue with the service.

Q. How  Many Images About My Business Can I Post On my Listing?

A. Every store owner can post up to 5 pictures about their business. This is not a social network, so you will not be able to post tens or even hundreds of pictures about your store or products like on a social network.  The idea is to let people just to be aware about your store information, website and social media accounts, for they to visit your business.

Q. What Is The Coupon Page For?

A. This section was created for the store's owners to let people know about their discount coupons. All you have to do is to send an image of your coupon and the link of your store to our support email: support@eyebuy.online. This is a no cost service to all of our customers who has their business listed with us.

Q. I Do Have My Store Listed Here, Do I Have to Use Other Paid Advertising  Services Outside This Platform?

A. The option is up to you, if your budget allowed you can do it, and we encourage you to do it, remember  that the more platforms you advertise your business, the better and the more sales, but the decision is up to you.  We are doing our best to promote the platform and get funds to get more exposure to our clients' businesses. 

Q. What Determine The Quantity of Sales On My Store?

A .As you may already know, the success of your store will depend of several factors, some of them are listed below:

- The appearance of your store, layout and design will impact on how people see your store, the more serious and professional the more attractive for people.

- The quality of your products, people has become smarter and are always looking for for the best quality products, price is second thing, when people is receiving products with a high quality.

- The quality of your USP (Unique Selling Preposition), every single store must have a USP that will make people buy from you and not from your competitors, there's a lot involved in every USP.  

- The quality of your offers or promotions, people is always looking for the best offers, discounts and deal, so here is your imagination what will help you get more sales. Take advantage of holiday seasons, and/or special events. Deploy good offers frequently. 

- The quality of your service, people is always looking for great service when asking for information, ask questions on website or social channels, people deserve prime customer service so do not hesitate on to give this when people is asking for.  Provide the most points of contact as you can: Telephone, contact form, email, 24/7 support, Money back guarantee, social channels, etc. The more you provide the more trust from people to your business.

- The quality of your policies, there are thousands of online stores and more being created every day, people  is always looking for stores they can trust, stores with strong policies, make your policies clear and specially refund policies. Do not lose a customer  for a  product with bad quality, refund the product ASAP, and change of supplier.

- The quality of your reviews, people give reviews based on their experience on a given store,  be prepare to receive positive and negative reviews and act accordignly, reviews are the best and free feedback from people; conver negative into positive reviews by acting fast and while providing the best customer service. No matter how many positive reviews you may have, a negative review can damage your business a lot if you just simply ignore it or do noting about. Do not let this to happen to your business.

- The quality of your social signals, we live in social world, people pass the most of their time on social networks, people need to trust in your business, people would like to see or hear other people talking about your business, the more social signals, the more credibility and trust from people to your business.  Use your social channels to promote your business while at the same time deploy surveys, ask questions or opinions, give away discount coupons, or product samples. You must  give first before receiving anything from people.

- The quantity and quality of your advertising, as you may already know we live in an era where online conomy is dominated by search engines and social networks,  free traffic is no longer working to promote your business online, these days the only way to get your business exposed i by paying for advertising, but we are here to change that and help store owners to profit from their business while at the same time reducing advertising costs. Even with our help, we encourage business owners to use several advertising channels if their budget allows them to increase sales. 

- The quality and features of your website to attract visitors and capture leads. most brand new store's owners pretend to get sales from the first time visitors, but in most of the cases the sales process will take several visits for the same visitor to buy something from their store. Store owners have to use the most of the available tools to capture their leads' emails on the very first visit. This way  they can do further email follow up. We encourage store's owners to not skimp on expenses to use the tools available in the market to help your store.

- The speed of your delivery service, people is buying online more and more every day, and people is desperate to get their stuff fast, almost as fast as they enter their credit card informatio nand hit on buy button. So one way to increase sales is by improving the delivery time.

Notice: We continually audit our listing and encourage store's owners to fill of their business' details up completely, to improve their business.

Q. How My Store Will Be Able To Win The Battle Among All The Other Similar Stores Listed?

A. As we explain above, to get more sales you need to offer the best USP that covers almost all the points covered on previous question above. To beat your competitors you will have to do your best to make your store looks like a serious business.

Q. How Can I Make My Store To Look Like A Serious Business?

A. To make look your store as a serious and professional business. You need to have at least the following:

-A professional yet sexy theme with a well organized and user friendly layout and navigation menu. Top menu with links only to collections, footer menu with links to legal and support pages.

-Contact page with the following:

   * Contact form

   * Telephone number (85% of  store's owners fail on this)

   * Contact email  (use an email with the same domain as your website, do not use gmail, yahoo or others, these don't look professional)

   Some add-on that are trendy:

    * Chat bot 

    * Messenger chat

  - Links to several social networks, you must have at least links to FB, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram

   - Use of professional graphics for your promotionals, post content on all your social networks using catchy  yet sexy graphics. All graphics must have your logo.

    You can get your store audited HERE