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The name Sunny Co was chosen to encompass the symbolism of the sun. Sunny Co is similar to the sun because the brand is characterized by life, happiness, and celebration. We advocate for a strong community, joyfulness, and unique vibes.

The Sunny Seahorse is a unique, elegant animal. The Sunny Seahorse is the perfect animal to represent our brand because of how different it is. Did you know that the male seahorse carries and births the babies?

In addition to being different we are authentic. Unlike other companies we do not stage our photographs, in fact all of our pictures are selected from our tagged pics and taken by customers. Certain companies train society to believe that being beautiful is a one dimensional thing that has to do with appearance or a specific body type. However that is not the case. That is why when you scroll through our Instagram/social medias you will only see pictures of customers,because everyone is beautiful.


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