About Us

Welcome to eyebuy.online

What make us Unique For The General Public:
  • People is becoming smart, when they want to buy something, they want results fast, and do not waste time reading the same old top ten blog posts .
  • People need to have all the options in front, to quickly compare and take a decision.
  • People need to have all the business information at hand, like website, telephone, email and social networks' channels to contact the store fast.
  • People is tired of depending on search engines to buy something, there are hundreds of thousand of new stores out there, and we are bringing them to the people ,right here, right now.

What Make Us Unique For Store's Owners:

  • Store owners  and entrepreneurs need to list  their store for the lowest advertising fee ever. 
  • Store owners need to put their store in front of thousands of people, exposure they won't never get on search engines, at least they pay ads forever, LOL.
  • Store owners need to be where people is search now for something to buy.
  • Store owners are tired of not seeing success on their projects and having to close their store because of lack of exposure and sales.

Our Vision

To become the biggest online directory exclusive for online stores. To bring people a wide new range of possibilities to find the best online stores and options to buy online fast.

To help growth online economy  without depending on a search engine to decide where to buy. To de-monopolize the online world economy. 

To be the biggest and first ecommerce's store directory where the general public can finally discover brand new stores without the same bored  annoying and mopolized blog posts top ten or useless information in between that they always get on search results and only make them waste time.

People do not need millions of results, LOL, people only need valid search results on every keyword they search, that's it!.

Our Mission

To help general public to find the best online stores fast from within  one single place, fast and without useless information or blog post in the middle.

To help business owners get their stores exposed to the world with the lowest advertising cost ever. Period

Our  Goals

To help general public to save time when searching online to buy something, with online valid results on searches, while presenting at the same time the best selection of brand new and old online stores. People will be able to compare fast which is best.

To help Ecommerce store owners get more clients and sales without depending on a search engine or it's decisions to present results.

All store owners can list their ecommerce stores for a low yearly one time payment, and get their stores  exposed to the world from one single place. See Pricing

Tens of online stores are finding eyebuy.online really works
and join us, every day, for the lowest advertising fee ever.

So the decision is up to you...
..as the general public, to continue searching on search engines, wasting hours and hours just reading top ten blog posts that you always get in middle of every search, without asking for them, or prefer us and get only valid search results all the time.

...as a store owner, to continue paying for ads on other platforms, for life or join us and get more exposure to your store with a single one time low yearly payment.

Welcome to the eyebuy.online!